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  1. Social Chameleon
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Social Chameleon

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from Trendsetter (demo), released August 1, 2013
Recorded at Psycho Monkey Records, Northridge, CA
Recorded by Matt Ferrari
Mixed by Matt Ferrari and Sean Martin
Mastered by Craig Baretto.


V1: You wake me in the Evening
Just to say you're leaving
But I've been dreaming bout us girl
so don't cha say you'll leave me
You say you wanna go around town
try to find yourself some other man

V2: Oh Im just not surprised some how
You know i've seen this all before
I've had ya too many times now, you know i've
seen your tricks before
Its so hard to spot at first
but your love is an evil curse

V3:I ain't Lying little girl when I say I wanna shoot cha down Yeah
I wanna feel you hurt girl, but I'm not gonna chase you down
I'd never lie to you when I say
You got it coming from a mile away

V4: Your colors change- your colors right in front of me
I know you only, I know you only by your eyes
You're a chameleon little girl,
but I see the Devil in your eyes, no
I said I've seen your kind before
And I will even after I die
(thats what I get...) Oh!