Photo By Richard Le' Abbee, 4Resh Media | The Quarantined

The Quarantined is a punk rock/grunge/metal band out of Los Angeles, CA. Using many genre influences and multiple lyrical styles, this band creates vivid imagery in their emotionally charged, socially critical songs that bring a personal example for awareness of global issues in society through a captivating aggression. 

Former students at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Sean Martin, Kaspars-Lucey Grinbergs (pictured right), and Alex Diaz met through mutual friends while looking for work as musicians, and decided to start the band in 2010. The band's sound grew through college and internet radio play in 2011-14, and playing live around Los Angeles everywhere they could; the band embraced their different backgrounds and created a unique sound as a group by recording at Psycho Monkey Records, which would become their self-titled EP.
In 2014, The Quarantined stayed busy playing shows at bigger local LA venues like the House of Blues-Sunset, Loaded, and Infusion Lounge at Universal Citywalk. Their song, Point the Finger, released by Lucent Records, was nominated by Pure M Magazine (Ireland) for Best International Act 2015. That year, Sean penned a poignant 8-part blog about the music industry and their passage through it to create their music through adversity from PTSD, called Music in the Digital Era. They hired director John Rael to make their first music video for "Point the Finger", (edited by Alex).
In 2016, they released two songs from what would become the Antiquate Hate EP, recording with Engineer/Producer Charlie Waymire and producer Brian "Hacksaw" WIlliams of Ultimate Studios Inc. 
That year, the band's lyric video "The End?!", produced by Deviant Multimedia Productions, was nominated for an Independent Music Award. Working with super-producer, George G1 Archie, the band released the Antiquate Hate EP in 2017. The band received positive press and college radio play, as the band's single "Feeding you lies" was applauded to sound akin to their musical heroes, Rage Against the Machine. The EP remains a haunting, almost prescient display of 5 factors that influence our lives in each song, (love, drugs, religion, politics, and war.) 

On the horizon is their third EP, Aversion to Normalcy, yet to be released, but a Shadow of what is to come is displayed. The band added Jeremy Hicks-Kachik (The Hushdown, Marco Minnemann) on guitar.   

The Quarantined has unique content that comes from the remarkable lives of its members: Sean and Alex come from varying backgrounds, and bring unique musical influences from their wide array of life experiences that comes from striving after their goals despite many challenges.

  • Singing at 4 years old in community choirs and playing guitar at 12, Sean is also a Musician's Institute graduate with an A.A. in Guitar performance/Music industry studies. He is Executive producing The Quarantined's albums, and is the main lyricist, songwriter, and content creator for the band. Sean served in the US Army Airborne Infantry (with the 3/509th, 4th Brigade, 25th I.D.) from 2004-2007, in Iraq in Oct. 2006- September 2007.
  • Alex, as well as being a talented bassist, guitarist, songwriter, photographer, and luthier, he is working on starting his own personally crafted guitar and bass business, making each instrument from scratch and by hand from unique woods. Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, he has been known to travel the world to explore, taking pictures and training Muay Thai (in Thailand), with a growing interest in travel photography and filming.

A documentary on their recording process is in the works, new music videos are being planned with prominent producers across the world. Now endorsed by Dirtbag Clothing, and working in partnership with, The Quarantined is prepared to go viral in more ways than one. Independently owned and operated, The Quarantined is setting a new standard for DIY music on an international scale. 

Company We Keep:

Ultimate Studios inc: The best sounds in LA come out of Ultimate Studios. Producer/Engineer Charlie Waymire. Check out his Drum Recording Ninja Workshops! Charlie Waymire and his team there produced the Antiquate Hate EP. 

Deviant Multi-Media Productions: 
Creates and designs unique digital media for your company, or band/artist page to promote, display, or enhance your products or services. 

Ace Media Clique and Green Light Productions : They do audio for Films. Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and Photography. Check em out! 

Live 365 Radio network: Indepedent internet radio broadcasting a variety of channels. The 365 Radio Network is not your average internet radio station... We strive to create a network that is as unique as the artists we air and the listeners who tune in... 

Steven Duarte Photography : Steven Duarte's photographs have energized the glossy pages of VIBE, Seventeen, and Billboard Magazine, with notable commissions from industry heavyweights such as L'Oreal and Jay-Z's Roc Nation. 

4Resh Media: Music/fashion/news, Photography, album artwork, audio mastering, logos. 

John Rael: Film Director. Check out his YouTube page, Skeptically Pwned. "We are a group of comedic skeptics or skeptical comedians doing battle against bullshit!".

Dirtbag Clothing: When you have the passion you WEAR IT 'TIL IT STINKS!

Free2Luv:  "We take the bullied, to Brave" We believe behind every issue, whether it’s bullying, self-harm or self-loathing, are low self-esteem and a lack of self-love. We wanted our organization name to be a word of empowerment. The name Free2Luv encompasses loving yourself first, loving others and being free to love whoever you desire.

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