Antiquate Hate EP

The Quarantined

Mixed at 916 Studios, Los Angeles, CA by G1
Recorded at Ultimate Studios Inc, Panorama City, CA by Charlie Waymire
Executive Producer: Sean Martin
Producer: G1, Charlie Waymire, Brian "Hacksaw" Williams, Kaspars Lucey-Grinbergs, Alex Diaz
Assistant Audio Engineer: Federico Angel
Music and lyrics by Sean Martin
Mastering: George "G1" Archie

The Quarantined:
Sean Martin -- Vocals/Guitar
Kaspars Grinbergs -- Drums
Alex Diaz-- Bass

Background Vocals: Hacksaw, Carrie Lester
2nd Guitar on all tracks but "Feeding you Lies" -- Edi Roque

Logo designed by Fedor Morozoff
Album art by Jad Dovey
EP cover by Courtney Manlove
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Point the Finger (single)

The Quarantined

Recorded at Psycho Monkey Records, Northridge, CA; and at Ace Media Clique, Glendale, CA.

Mixed by Sean Martin, Greg Lemos, Jr.
Mastered by Greg Allyn.
Music by The Quarantined
Lyrics by Sean Martin

The Quarantined is:
Sean Martin -- Vocals/Guitar
Alex Diaz -- Bass
Kaspars Grinbergs -- Drums
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Bedroom Inc.

The Quarantined

This is an album of cover songs I recorded on my own. I did not use any extra effects on the recording besides EQ, Compression, echo, and Reverb.
Each of these songs has a very personal meaning to me, and I just wanted to bring attention back to the original artists wonderful art by hopefully doing it justice in a stripped down acoustic setting.

I would perform these covers as warm up tunes to get me ready to perform my own music and become inspired to create my own voice.

I named the album this because it will be an ongoing project, and it all started in my 1 room apartment with nothing but a notepad, chair, a bag of weed, and a guitar.
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