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Welcome to the center of it all, to celebrate the bands' accomplishments and share in the rise of the next generation of punk rock, grunge, and rock music.

Our Antiquate Hate EP, produced by legendary Multi-Platinum, Multi-grammy winning producer G1, is available now.
Sean has released an 8-part blog series, Music in the Digital Era, about one musicians journey into the music industry, as he discovers how one begins with nothing and builds something from nothing.
The band is compiling footage to create a documentary on the band's creative process and some of the stories that inspired the music. 
The Quarantined is releasing more Music- Go here for our Online Store with our official Discography. Listen to our new single, "Shadow" on all streaming platforms now!

In 2016, The Quarantined was nominated in the 15th Independent Music Awards for our Lyric Video for "The End?!"!
We were proud to be a part of such a great expression of Independent Music, and celebrate with all of the nominees and winners! Here's to another year supporting independent music!

We are endorsed by Dirtbag Clothing! Look for exclusive gear at our shows! 

We also support the Free2Luv movement to end bullying, acceptance of humanity. For continuing to expand free artistic expression, and advancing music education.


“Shadow” is everything it needs to be. Conceptually interesting, emotionally appealing, and brilliantly progressive musically. The Quarantined are a band who have figured out and mastered their sound and style, “Shadow” makes for a strong introduction to that if it’s your first time hearing them.”

Buzz Music

"The sound could cause quite the scare in those who are afraid to give music with some bite a real chance."”

Coming Up Magazine

“Feeding You Lies” incorporates influences from metal, alternative rock, and an untamed electronic spark." ”

Dusty Organ, Blog

The Quarantined’s “Feeding You Lies” echoes early Rage with almost as much bite ”

Hear Hear! Music.com

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