Recorded at Psycho Monkey Records
Northridge, CA
The Quarantined:
Sean Martin-- Guitar/Vocals
Dominic Mcfadden --- Guitar
Alex Diaz --- Bass
Kaspars Lucey-Grinbergs --- Drums

Mixed by Sean Martin, Matt Ferarri
Mastered by Craig Barretto


You try to be a trendsetter
Try to write a new cliche
But you end just end up spitballing while your words get in your way
quit with your baby talk
nobody thinks its cute
no one likes a whiner
your jokes aren't that astute
Ah, yeah. Alright...

You may feel betrayed
You may feel Im a liar
You may feel I led you on
but trust me I didn't try
I only try to respect you
and now I wonder why
cause respect just doesn't matter
when the trend you set's the lie
Just a lie
Just a lie
You're just a...

Relationships dont work that way where grief is all you give
Of course he went and left you girl,
to him your just a bitch
yeah, I used to be your friend when I thought you were an honest one
But I've found the secrets you couldn't hide
Weren't just the minor ones
oh yeah. Alright.