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Point The Finger (demo)

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Recorded at Psycho Monkey Records, Northridge, CA; and at Ace Media Clique, Glendale, CA.

Mixed by Sean Martin, Greg Lemos, Jr.
Mastered by Greg Allyn.
Music by The Quarantined
Lyrics by Sean Martin

The Quarantined is:
Sean Martin -- Vocals/Guitar
Alex Diaz -- Bass
Kaspars Grinbergs -- Drums


v1: here comes a sick mess/ and you cant look away
from white collar to farmer the sentiment is the same
lobbyist run the world and they dont give a fuck
the rich buy democracy for the price of your blood
misinformation is a family biz, dont have to be a whiz we're slaves
dont matter what color we skinned
conservative now synonymous with the zealots who run it
no compromise, no turn the cheek, just hate and conformity
that you push like a drug/persecute like a thug
Killing in the name of your god: corporate america
they played us for fools now expect you to say
America the great but never to ask why or debate
Fuck that, there's no weapons in the land of the sand
Shoulda bombed Camp David and hung the guy with the plan
its a genocide he brought and sold you all on a war
his greatest achievement is being the oil company whore

chorus: pointing the finger right at me but you should wear it first
hiding the truth from me ain't your duty its your curse
watching the TV as we died putting dollars in your pockets
while nationalist preachers sold the bullets and rockets

V2: Distract, distract you from the cage that you're in
disenfranchise the poor? they just give it a spin
sell em all on the first thing you can think up
exaggerating mass destruction is their number 1 bluff
but I'll call em on their bullshit
here comes some new shit
brought with a fire that they tempered me in
I got a whole list of W.C.s
that's war criminals for the fifth of you who still cant read
and even after the fact I gotta ask
how many of you still don't know what we did in Iraq?
All you have to do is question and demand an answer
you'll finally fuck up the system, just like a cancer
that'll destroy the thin veil they pull over your eyes
to disguise the lies told since 99
and finally put an end to our distrust and suspicion
when you realize they're really just this close to fascism

we cant move on and keep the same pace
no one has peace if you hold on to hate
If your religion and your Politics are intertwined think for yourself
be free in your mind