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  1. Shadow
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Vocals/Guitar- Sean Martin
Guitar- Jeremy Hicks-Kachick
Bass- Alex Diaz
Drums- Serge Martinenko

Recorded at Musicians Institute Studio F, Hollywood, CA
And at Surefire Music Production, FL
Engineer- Zack Dusedau, Sean Martin
Producer- Matt Mancini
Lyrics and music by Sean Martin and Matt Mancini
Mixed by Matt Mancini and Sean Martin
Mastered by Sean Martin


V1: Forever remembered? Ever after should we wait?
Enshrine the emptiness and hate your saving grace
Feel the shadows creeping in, no time to waste
Still try to run away but the fear keeps pace, yeah

Pre chorus: Death will be your master
Follow you from here on after
Silent whisper in vain
Yet no escape

Chorus: Cause the shadow on my back
Yeah the shadow on my back
(can you feel that) Shadow on my back
Yeah the shadow on my back
Tells my fate

V2: In a race with my past every day
Madness tempts my frantic mind-state
When it takes you there’s no retreat
My mind’s a cage and no one can set me free, yeah yeah.


Can you feel that shadow?